Don’t Get Screwed – My 2Cents Advices That Save $$ on FaceBook Fan Page Campaign

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As you know I was offline for the past week, there is NO posts in this blog due to I was busy with some experiment in building FaceBook fan page, during this campaign I learned a lot that help you to save your energy, efforts and your hard earned money.

The story begins this way that I see a lot of people use targeted FaceBook fan page to monetize and making some money, so I decided to jump in to the bandwagon.

Basically am not good at targeting fans by FaceBook ads, so decided to give it the tasks to the right person.

I contacted a person (I do not want to reveal the name) to do the tasks and we both agreed the deal, I pay them and they deliver the targeted fans by running FaceBook Ads campaign.

My experience taught me a study that do not do anything without your limits or do not do with hurry, that burn a hole in your pocket instead giving results.

So I believe my 2cents advices help you when you planned to build targeted fans of any of your FaceBook page.

FaceBook Page Cmpaign Dos and Donts

Advice #1: Do not do anything with Hurry

Actually the page which I wanted to promote is event based sports related one and I need to be promoted the page with in 2 days to targeted audiences and acquire as much as fans in 2 days else the event goes and there is no craze after the deadline, so I started the page with hurry and appointed someone to manage it.

There is no more time to experiment with the page and also during the campaign I never urged the guy to do the tasks instantly.

All I say is I’ve started it with tight schedule and sucked in managing the the campaign with in 2 days.

The lesson I learned by this way is if we do anything with hurry, we loss money, efforts, time and even concentration in other tasks too.

Advice #2: Do not Give Admin Rights

80% of the people do this mistake is giving the admin rights to the seller, the guy too asked me to make them as admin of my FaceBook page to run the campaign, I was little bit scared and finally added them as Admin, since I trusted the person.

And when I open the page, I wouldn’t be able to access the admin rights and immediately contacted the guy, he said that he removed me from the page admin, so that he can run the campaign.

I’ve nothing to say that I made mistake.

The guy committed to send complete likes on the same day, but they failed, next day they contacted me with likes that as discussed.

But what I see on the page is, the guy may changed the name of the existing celebrity page with same likes I ordered and transferred all the posts from my page in to the page that the guy already managed and finally deleted my page.

As you might know we cannot change the page name, once we reach 200 page likes, but still there is a way that we may change it with some tricks.

The same way the guy may have used to change the page name.

I’ve posted my 1st post on the page, there is no user engagement.

I wait for next post – No user engagement

Next post – No…..

Next few posts – No…..

Finally I realized that the fans that they given is non targeted which is no way useful for me.

When I contacted the guy asked the changes of the page name, they guy refused me that they’ve not changed anything on my page.

All he says, he delivered the likes as committed.

So if you give admin rights, they can do anything like this way that what I experienced with a person changed the existing page name with some tricks and sold to me.

Advice #3 : Do not Buy FaceBook Page

I’ve not experienced buying FaceBook pages, but I’d like to share this as most of the people trapped while buying FaceBook pages is they got blocked from the person who received the payment.

Here is a real example of a lot friends in my social circle lost $$ even $$$ while buying targeted FaceBook page. Actually what happened to most of them is they place a thread requesting that they’re buying the FaceBook pages with targeted likes, someone from fake profile spying this thread and request them that they’re selling targeted FaceBook page and they’re selling for lowest price as they need urgent money.

They send everything for verification, they send insights, engagement details, country wise like details etc, but they only deliver the page once they get paid.

They even won’t accept money after delivering the tasks, all they demand is first money, next they add the person who paid them in to one of the admin and once the person who paid in the admin role, they disable the person who sell the page. That’s the deal.

But what happened to most of them who paid is, once the money paid, the person who got money block the person and delete the fake profile from FaceBook.

Advice #4: Do not Hesitate to Do it Yourself

By this way of building FaceBook page, I lost $30 and I learned a good moral from this experience is ‘do not hesitate to do it yourself’, I never hesitate to do the things, but in some cases if I’ve a lot of schedules, I hand over the tasks in to the right person by outsourcing.

In the past I’ve done a lot of outsourcing tasks and I’ve never faced a single issues, all they delivered at right time with high quality works, but this time the guy too delivered the tasks at the right time, but I’ve not satisfied with them.

So if you believe that you can do the tasks instead handling to someone, try it yourself, learn something about how to target fans by FaceBook ads campaign and how to tweak it to get maximum likes for less CPC.

All you do is to before starting is, just thoroughly research about it and brainstorm the ideas and next start it, just head over to forums and check some case studies and apply it and tweak it instead of being trapped by someone with fake or non targeted likes.

Final words: By running this campaign I got the likes as the guy committed, but there is no results from the likes and I’v not satisfied with this deal. This is what 80% of the sellers not getting repetitive customers is they do businesses, but failed to satisfy buyers.

Naveen Vijay

Ex Retail manager now Blogging consultant, Affiliate marketer, expert wannabe, run and maintain this blog CBNinjas. Am always happy to connect with like minded fellows. Find me on FaceBook | Twitter | Google+. You can find more on About me.

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