Yahoo Answers – How to Milk 1000′s of Free Laser Targeted Traffic That 80% of Marketers Lack

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As an affiliate marketer I know the amount of time I need to spend to bring targeted traffic for my efforts to ensure good ROI, probably what every marketer in fact you do the way of finding highly targeted traffic sources that your competitors lack would help to reach your goals without spending much in your marketing budgets.

OK here is a fact, What if you get tons of traffic whether from advertising campaigns or from free sources and there is no conversion at the end is, you’re doing it a wrong way. Right?

If Advertising Campaign Wrongly Done - You lose efforts, time and most importantly you can lose money

If Free traffic Campaign Wrongly Done – You lose time and efforts

So here you need hordes of traffic laser targeted traffic in order to convert traffic in to money.

What is laser targeted traffic?

I do not want to take a lecture about laser targeted traffic and waste your time explaining it. So simply,

Laser targeted traffic - Highly targeted traffic or buyers traffic that people only seek buying related or specific information’s like how to buy, where to order, promo codes, discounts etc

So the conversion ratio is high, if you use highly targeted traffic. Here am going to show one of the method I use to get 1000s of traffic to my site is using Yahoo answers.

Why Yahoo answers?

Among plenty of sources, Yahoo answers is one of the worlds top source to instantly get the right solutions for the queries and it is one of the place that get over 300 millions visitors a month and over 15 millions of users daily flows around it that users seek experts suggestions, opinions for their most burning problems like ‘Am over weight, how to reduce it naturally?’, ‘I’ve accidentally deleted most important photos, how to recover it?’, ‘What is the down payment loan for bad credit loan?’ etc.

So basically you can quickly get targeted people attention by Answering the questions according to your topic interests.

I’ve a niche site that I use Yahoo answers for free targeted traffic to promote the affiliate products without spending a dime and I get pretty good conversion rate for my efforts and time spent on there.

To show you the power of Yahoo answers, here is my traffic stat,

Yahoo Answers Traffic Stat From this traffic stat, do not scare about my high bounce rate, coz I use my homepage for Yahoo answers promotions and I designed my home page not to link with any of my internal pages or external sources that NOT to distract my visitors attention and to focus what I explained on the home page for high conversion.

I get 1-2% conversion rate by this way, that means 1 or 2 out of 100 visitors buy the product which I promote and get around 5% conversions for other actions like accessing Email subscriptions, feedback, social sharing etc.

Over all for me 1-2% conversion rate is good from free targeted traffic by Yahoo answers method and for this if I go for advertisements, am not sure I can get good ROI even 1% of what I get it from Yahoo answers.

From my perspective high bounce rate is not a sign of poor conversions that my readers returning from the home page without accessing inner pages, I’ve no worries about what bounce rate I get from Yahoo answers, all I care is what conversions I get at the end of the day.

Its all about how we handle the visitors and make them to buyers at the end of the conversion.

Here is how you can use Yahoo answers on the right way

I strongly believe that every little efforts get more conversion in later when we do it in the right way and when it comes to answering a question on Yahoo answers, you should do these things is what is your interests? and what field you’re expertise in? would help you to target the right audiences attention.

I do not want to make this article to explain the basic steps of how to create the Yahoo answers account and how to start it, instead of doing it I straight away go in to how to use this like a pro to get success over and over.

So if you’ve decided to put your hands in to Yahoo answers promotions and want to do it on the right way, here are few important things you should know before starting is,

  • How to write answers that attract hundreds of thousands of users?
  • What to do to get high conversion rate?

And most importantly how to do it in right way that Yahoo answers NOT to delete your answers, coz most of the people stuck in this case promoting links through Yahoo answers is answering a question with links will be deleted sooner or in later for violating the Yahoo answers terms and community guidelines.

According to the Yahoo Answers terms, they delete the answers that spamming all the way for promotions and if you continue this trend, they even ban your user account.

But how I get traffic using the same way linking with my site is I use it without hurting both the users and Yahoo answers terms.

When I answer every questions related with my targeted subject I use 2 strategies to get most out from it instead Yahoo answers deleting answers with my link is I target to write every answer with clear and descriptive details that to get more up votes and later it selected as ‘best answer’ (as you can see in the below image) and by this way if I place the relevant link from my blog as a source of information won’t get me a spam alert for deletion of my answer.

Here is what I get the best answers reward most of the time,

Best Answers on Yahoo Answers

Why I target to best answers for my every answer is, I can get 10 points for my best answer which helps rapidly reaching every levels (currently am in level 3) and if most number of my answers chosen as best answers, I can easily reach the ‘top contributor’ reward that Yahoo answers place a small badge underneath my profile picture.

Once I reach ‘top contributor’ position I feel that I get hundreds of traffic each day, you can even bring thousands of traffic a day with your levels and rewards. Its all about the more rewards and points, more people trust in to your answers and click your link with in the answer.

Here is a points and level chart that you can easily understand how many points needed to reach each  levels,

Yahoo Answers Point And Levels System

Yahoo Answers Pints And Levels

So in order to use Yahoo answers for your benefit, quality and relevancy is a two most important factors to answer more questions without getting banned.

For example if you’re expertise in health related subject, you can answer health related topics, so identifying the right topic is first and foremost thing in your efforts.

When I was joined the Yahoo answers, I answered randomly on every category and later when I get in to right category, I focus frequently answering the questions that attract many people attention and boosted my levels by targeting to get more ‘best answer’, coz I get high points when my answers chosen as best answer like this,

E mail from Yahoo Answers as best answer

So the most important thing is how you quickly reach each levels, the more points you get, the more levels you reach and if you frequently contribute and reach the levels quickly, soon you can be rewarded ‘top contributor’ as a badge that displays every of your answers as long as you hold the positions by regular contributions.

In recent days, Yahoo answers implemented its system that you can use video as a source of information, you can even get more targeted traffic in to your videos for better conversions.

Most Important things you should follow or know before go to Yahoo answers method

Note that Yahoo answers is not for link building you can quickly answer every questions with your targeted keyword and the link from Yahoo answer is plain URL no-follow based. So nothing you can improve if you focus it for getting search engine ranking, though it may help in some cases that the link from Yahoo answers passes heavily authority link juice.

Here are the things you must follow before answering every questions,

  • Do not place your link with in the answer, place it on ‘source’ to avoid risks
  • Do not link same URL on every answer unless you’ve valid reasons to link, Yahoo answers may suspend or ban for no reason
  • Do not spam with short answers or non relevant answers for placing your links
  • It is better to link the content that written with rich information related with the question asked, no matter the content is with link to affiliate sites, do not place direct affiliate links or offers
  • Try to avoid linking, before you reach certain levels

Once you build trust over the community, you may promote your links, but again make sure your linking URL is relevant with the question and it should provide reasons to people like it

For me Yahoo answers is an art of getting targeted traffic that to focus getting buyers, subscribers and whatever ways I used for conversions instead of getting information seekers.

Conclusion: I’ve shared my best source Yahoo answers for getting highly targeted free traffic, if you’ve any queries, you can ask me in the form of comment and I am more than happy if you comment and share this article on your social circles to more people know about this free traffic system.

Naveen Vijay

Ex Retail manager now Blogging consultant, Affiliate marketer, expert wannabe, run and maintain this blog CBNinjas. Am always happy to connect with like minded fellows. Find me on FaceBook | Twitter | Google+. You can find more on About me.

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